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The Untold Secrets To Success

Learn how to overcome challenges, change your mindset, change your life, discover your purpose, and learn Michael's story on how he became successful.

The Outsource Report

Learn how to hire worldclass employees for less than minimum wage so you can build a team to help you grow and manage your business.

The High Ticket Freedom Masterguide

Learn the insider strategies to turn your knowledge into high ticket sales and create the ultimate lifestyle based business from the comfort of your home.

Dear ambitious individual,

Do you want to improve your life, career, and chances for success?

Do you know that you want more in life?

Do you feel like you want to improve your quality of life but you don't know how or what to do?

Do you feel like you want expand your knowledge to help you succeed in your life?

Yes I can relate to you because I started off in life with no chance for success.

I grew up in the hood in the projects of Miami, single teenage mother, my father was in prison, and I was

labeled to be a statistic just like my father and go to prison.

As I grew up I searched for a way to be successful, and in my search I found answers and information

that could change my life - but I wasn't sure about it.

Well, I overcame all the doubts and fears and took action anyway...

Now as an adult I figured it out for myself.

I want to share some of this powerful wisdom and knowledge with you inside of 3 of my best books.


Get access to 3 of Michaels published books for only $30 today.

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Also you deserve to know that when you purchase today, we will be donating a percentage of sales to our favorite charity - Michelle Tidors Kids Foundation. This is a foundation that helps to educate, feed, and clothe poor children in rural areas of Haiti. With your help and contributions we are able to provide clothing, education supplies, food, and nourishment to less fortunate children. When you buy today you should feel good inside of your heart knowing that you are helping others. 

Get started today, grab these books and let me help you improve your life, mindset, and business.

And plus when you do get started, feel good because you have a full 30 days to digest this information, apply it, use it in your life, and test it out for yourself. Yes, your purchases is completely backed by our 30 day 'action takers money back guarantee' this means read these products, take action on the information and if you are not satisfied with your results then contact us and let us know what you did. We will offer you support, and if we verify that we can't help you move forward - then we will refund your money back completely, and you can keep the books.

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You get access to:

The Untold Secrets To Success

Learn the life story of how Michael Baptiste went from growing up in poverty in the ghetto in Miami, single teenage mom, father was in prison, to overcoming those challenges to become successful in life.

High Ticket Freedom Masterguide

Learn the High Ticket Freedom business strategies that will share with you what you need to do, and how to do it in order to secure high ticket sales.

The Outsource Report

Learn how to hire worldclass employees for less than minimum wage and expand your business online.

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You are going to get access to 3 digital books. The books include 'The Untold Secrets To Success' 'High Ticket Freedom Masterguide' 'The Outsource Report'. These books will be delivered to you via our private membership area. 
Yes. We offer an action takers guarantee. This means if you apply/take actino on the information shared in these books and you are not able to find value then let us know what you did, we will support you to move forward. And if we cannot help you move forward then we will process your money back to you. This means your purchase today is backed by our action takers guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
When you make your purchase today, you'll be sent an email within 5 - 10 minutes that will include your login details. Follow the directions listed in that email to access your private members area. Login with your details, access the books, begin reading, and let's help you move forward. 

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Michael Baptiste is a trusted international award winning product creator, author, speaker, and a leading innovative business consultant. A recognized expert on high ticket business development, digital marketing, consulting, product creation, retail marketing, social media marketing, and wellness. He has trained thousands of clients online from all around the world over his 8 years of experience.

'I'm looking forward to helping you learn how to improve the quality of your life and business.'

~ Michael "Overdeliver" Baptiste

Michael Baptiste

Let Me Show You How To Improve Your Life And Business

You can feel confident because you are getting access to timeless principles for success in all areas of your life and business. This is a limited time deal celebrating my 30th birthday so act fast and buy now.